Whether living in Rochester or just visiting, you’ll eventually want a new idea for a date night.  Here 10 suggestions we recommend if you haven’t tried them already.

NOTE: this top 10 is in no particular order.  Date choices can range from romantic, to whimsical, to expensive or cheap.  As such this particular list has it all, but could be sorted many different ways depending on tastes.

If you have suggestions for specific lists, such as “top 10 Romantic Date Ideas” or “Top 10 Low Cost Dates” or something similar… submit your list our way and we might just feature it!


Geva Theatre

Show you’ve got some culture… or go find some at the Geva Theatre.  Live shows change often and they have reasonable ticket prices on all events.


Seneca Park Zoo

Some might not think romance when they think of a zoo… but depending on your tatses, a nice stroll through the park like zoo is a great way to start a date.  Who knows, you might be inspired to “do it like they do on the Animal Planet”.


Rochester Museum & Science Center

For the geeks among us, the Rochester Museum & Science Center is a great place for a date.  And did you know they do weddings too?  Have your first date here and if things go right, maybe even your wedding.


Memorial Art Gallery

You can’t beat an Art Gallery for a date idea, and the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester is a great place to visit with works of art from some of America’s finest artists.  Get inspired, visit the Memorial Art gallery on your next date.


Billsboro Winery

Venture out side of Rochester to find some of the greatest Wineries in the North East.  Billsboro Winery is a fun place to visit and if you have a taste for wine, the wine tasting is a great way to lower inhibitions on a date.


Keuka Lake Wine Trail

So you heard that visiting a winery might be a great choice for a date… but there’s so many great wineries in the Rochester area.  If you want to experience multiple vineyards and wineries… the Kueka Lake Wine Trail is your ticket to a fun date.


Seabreeze Amusement Park

Whether young or old, you can’t beat an amusement park for a fun loving date idea.  Have some cotton candy, get dizzy on a ride and if you go to the water park you might even get to sneak a peak at your date’s hot body.  There’s nothing wrong with that right?


Durand Eastman Park

If you are nature lovers, this is a great date choice.  It costs virtually nothing and you can drive or hike the park.  Located right on lake Ontario, you can be hiking in the woods then strolling along a beach in a matter of minutes.


Strasenburgh Planetarium

Catch an IMAX movie, a show about the planets and stars or even a rock and roll laser light show. If you want to give the moon and stars, I suggest visiting the Strasenburgh Planetarium at the Museum & Science Center in Rochester NY


The Little Theatre

Want a cool date night?  Go catch an indy flick at the Little Thetre.  You just can’t experience a movie setting like the Little just anywhere… and oh yeah, no one else plays the movies they show.  So check out the Little Theatre and show just how hip you are.